Our Policy & Terms

By becoming a Fitranger Gym Member you agree to obey all rules and regulations now in force or in future, laid down by Fitranger for the use of Gym Facilities, Equipment, Premises and the Gym reserves the right to revoke membership without refund of such person who fails to comply with the rules and regulations of this Gym or for reasons of nuisance, disturbance, moral turpitude, fraud etc in the premises of or to the members/staff of this Gym.

Fitranger cares about the safety and welfare or its members and encourages a risk-free environment on the gym floor. This means using correct form & posture, being alert of people around you whilst training heavy, not throwing dumbbells, using the equipment safely and carefully etc. If any member is found to be breaking any of the gym’s safety rules, the gym reserves the right to revoke their gym membership with immediate effect.

Freezing of Memberships is applicable on Bi-Yearly and Yearly Memberships and upto 15 & 30 days respectively. You must send an email on contact@fitranger.com specifying the reasons behind such freezing for us to process the same. Please note that we allow freezing only in case of injuries or outstation assignments. 

If you are unable to come for a workout for any number of days after activation of your membership we will not be responsible for adjusting such days against your membership or adding extra days to your existing membership.

Maintaining of hygiene standards in the gym is a must. Please use Towels, Deodorants & the like to keep hygiene during your time at the gym so as not to cause inconvenience to the other members.

We do not issue refunds. Your membership with Fitranger cannot be refunded, exchanged or encashed in any case. If you wish to transfer your existing membership you are allowed to do so if you’re enrolled under any of the Yearly Plans. You must follow proper procedure for such transfer and pay an Admin Fee to facilitate this transfer.

By signing up for a membership or package at Fitranger Gym you agree to have read and understood the above rules and policies and I agree to comply with the same.

Reproduction of any part of this website or its contents is strictly unauthorised and will lead to violation of copyright.

We maintain full privacy of your contact or personal information shared with us and prevent its misuse by spammers.

We may contact you for answering your queries via WhatsApp or Call provided you have communicated with us by way of buttons on this website. The buttons on this website lead to calls, mails, google maps and WhatsApp chat and any clicks on such buttons will lead you to these respective pages.

For any more information about our memberships or gym rules please contact the Front Desk.


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