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Did you know that a toned body can significantly impact your confidence levels and the way people perceive you?

We’re strong believers in the notion that fitness, good health & a toned body structure can elevate your mental & physical well-being, directly increasing your confidence and giving you a better life.

So how is it that a lot of people don’t invest more money and/or effort into their body? The simple answer is that they’re just not motivated enough. 

This is where we come in. Fitranger Gym’s highly specialized personal training programs are designed not just to train your body but also to motivate you every single day. Our Personal Training members report 100x increase in their confidence levels just days after signing up. And the best part is that in order to get into these programs you don’t need to invest a lot. 

Imagine yourself a year from now…

Would you wish you’d started one year ago or would you prefer to be the same as you are now? When you ask yourself this pertinent question, you will know what step to take so that you can look back and be proud of your decisions. 

So, who is personal training for?

  • For anyone looking to get toned, fitter, better, cut fat, gain muscle, lose weight, improve their lifestyle & bring about an overall change in their life!
  • For anyone who lacks the motivation to consistently do all of the above on their own.
  • For anyone who wants to bring about REAL CHANGE in themselves FAST.
  • For anyone who’s ready to put time and effort into building a much BETTER version of themselves.

Let us help you achieve your goals!

Contact us on +91 9823096431 to get all the information you need about our personal training plans. 

We will work with you to develop an effective training plan that has been specifically tailored to help you overcome obstacles, no matter what your goal is. Your training plan results will be monitored so that the training plan can be updated as required. At Fitranger Gym, we pride ourselves on being the best gym in Pune.

Our personal training programs include the following:

Expert guidance and support every step of the way:

Your personal trainers at Fitranger Gym are certified fitness specialists who will help improve your technical skills in the gym to make every workout session count toward your goal. They will be responsible for introducing you to new training methods to target multiple muscle groups and keep workout sessions interesting. Your personal trainer is your mentor and motivator. You will share your highs and lows with your personal trainer as they remind you how far you have come in your fitness journey.

We have 3 Categories for Personal Training Programs:

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Silver Plan

Gold Plan

Master Plan

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