5 Simple & Easy Ways to Keep Fit & Healthy at Home.

1.3 billion people in this country have been asked to currently stay home during this 21-Day Nationwide Lockdown. This is the only way we can combat the spread of a virus that can turn into a huge disaster if left uncontrolled. 

In addition to other things, being a gym lover must make you feel completely helpless because you can’t do the one thing that you love the most. You can’t go to that place where you used to zone out & just workout! We get you.

Don’t let being at home make you unfit. Don’t spiral down a path of binge-eating and lack of exercise. If you do that, it will be really hard to get back into routine once the lockdown ends.. Remember, this lockdown won’t last forever.

Here are 5 less common ways to keep yourself Fit while at Home.
#1 Sit less, move more.
Track your sitting time. For every 30 minutes you sit, make sure you get up and move around. Most of all, do not ask your family members to hand things to you (even if they’re happy to do it). Get up and get it yourself.

#2 Don’t stock up on unhealthy foods.

It can be tempting to pick up all the unhealthy munchies from store shelves right now. But don’t do this. Your tastebuds will love it but you won’t be doing your body a favor. Stock up on Fruits instead. Fruits will keep you fuller for longer and reduce cravings.
 #3 Make Home-Workout a Priority.
This is no joke. You’re used to sweating it out at the gym. That’s what makes you feel so good afterwards. You need to sweat it out at home right now. You can find some amazing home based workouts on Youtube, Our Instagram Stories & our next post! 🙂 Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter.
#4 Get up Early.
Staying locked up inside your own house can make you lose sense of time. You’re not the only one experiencing this. Thousands of people like you are running Netflix Marathons overnight. And spending half of the next day still sleeping on their couch. This needs to change. If you get up early (as you would on a normal day), you will have a better routine. Your eating schedule is going to be much better. You’re going to be more refreshed than you would if you woke up in the noon. So GET UP EARLY.
#5 Do the household chores.
With the housemaids not coming to work, someone needs to do them! If you live by yourself, you do them already (hopefully!). If you aren’t, you must start. This has two benefits. One, you will find that you’re being of great help rather than just sitting around. Two, you will get a sense of accomplishment. It takes a significant amount of effort to do these chore

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