3 Unconventional Tricks to get the most out of your workout.

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3 Unconventional Tricks to getting the most out of your workout (Works for Home-Workouts too!)

Ever heard of Mind-Muscle Connection? It’s what most top-ranking athletes swear by. A mind muscle connection simply put is being aware of the muscle you’re targeting in your exercise. If done correctly, this simple connect can result into 2x better workouts and overall performance.

Here’s how to really focus on your muscle and get the most out of your workout. (Whether at the gym or at home)

  • Cut out the distractions.
    Distractions are all around us. They make us lose focus on the task at hand which results in poor performance in almost every aspect of our lives. The key to developing a mind muscle connection is to first cut out the distractions. This can be as simple as wearing headphones, putting your phone on flight mode & tuning into your best workout playlist. Take a few minutes before stepping into your workout and tell yourself this:- “I am going to give my full undivided attention to my workout today. I will not let anything distract me.” And really do it. Result? Your workout will turn out to be the best damn workout you’ve ever had.


  • FLEX!
    Flexing is not just for friday. When you’re working out a particular muscle, try flexing it during the set at its peak. For example, when you curl up the dumbbell during a bicep curl or when you push the bar down during tricep extension. The more you flex, the more work your muscle has to do. You can start doing this by taking the lightest weight (one you wouldn’t be caught dead lifting). Because your muscle will end up far more fatigued this way than it would with a heavier weight & no mind-muscle connection.


  • Move Slowly.
    Feel it. Feel the set, feel each rep. Concentrate on the muscle you’re working. Close your eyes while you’re at it. Visualize the flow at which your muscle is moving. Serious athletes do this. And you can too. If a simple connection with your muscle is going to 10X your workout then why wouldn’t you?


Try these the next time you workout. Whether you’re at the gym or at home. You’ll soon be saying, MIND-MUSCLE CONNECTION is the best damn thing ever.

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